We've Launched!

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We’ve Launched

Written by: Sean Foust on July 29, 2016

Today, we launch our web collective, to serve those who serve their communities. Our mission is to bring resourceful web technologies to those making a difference in the world. We seek to build relationships with value-driven small businesses, nonprofits and those on a solo journey to make the world a better place. We thank you for doing what you do!

Our brand is simple — create value and build relationships on a bridge of shared values. Our marketing seeks to speak truths about social, environmental and food justice. Our culture aims to sustain and grow its team members, enabling us to do the same for our clients and communities.

We hope you’ll find this blog resourceful, fun and inspiring. Articles on starting up, managing small social enterprise, bringing more democracy to the workplace, podcast shares and more will be in the mix! Feel free to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, we’ll send a short monthly mailing with news and resources for social enterprise, along with news from Squid Labs! If you have any ideas for us, would like to get in touch or need to troll someone this very instant, drop us a line!

Shout out to everyone who has helped along the way, so much gratitude.

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