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We create content-first websites exclusively for cooperatives, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and nonprofits.

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Thoughtful Work

We spend time in each stage of development to find ideas that resonate, which speak to your authenticity and build a connection with your visitors.

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Informed Outcomes

Using analytics we find untapped opportunities, measure outcomes, inform design, support your content strategy, and quite a bit more. See our process.

With Rich Collaboration

Communication is everything — we sync our goals thorough discovery, transparent project management, and regular feedback sessions.

Our Portfolio

Websites Tailored For You

A good website goes a long way. We support you in each stage of the project, starting by understanding your needs, audience, and style; then we move to design a web presence that fits you like a finely knit, mobile-ready organic vegan glove.


Project Highlights

  1. Clarified content to offer a more focused delivery of the keys to their nonprofits vision, values, and work.
  2. Migrated data from the old WordPress install, keeping all blog posts and page structures to preserve search engine listings.
  3. Updated the WordPress platform to a continually updated framework, adding ongoing value with its frequent updates.
  4. Collaborated with a local agency to share content updating support and a quick training on the platform.

GreenStar Cooperative

Project Highlights

  1. Efficient and transparent project management, including moving up our launch date to meet needs.
  2. Informed by analytics — we used heatmaps & metrics to uncover new ways of structuring the site, organizing content, and developing functionality.
  3. A content-first approach for client side work — to inform our design process, user stories, and to alleviate bottlenecks / client stress.
  4. A user-first design to ascend the user-experience pyramid — functional, reliable, usable, convenient, pleasurable, and meaningful.

Cooperation Works!

Project Highlights

  1. Member only area focused on engagement, peer connections, facilitating member collaboration, and information sharing.
  2. Lower ongoing costs by bringing the listserv and workshop payments on site, saving $700/yr. With our approach to client empowerment we added no ongoing costs for support!
  3. Powerful internal searching features to elevate member-to-member collaboration and resource sharing.
  4. Feature packed with member-chatting, job / event / resource posting, member forums, Twitter feeds of all members, Google Drive integration, and more!

ROC Northwest

Project Highlights

  1. Content strategy to identify and speak to three key audiences — communities, sellers, and funding organizations.
  2. Lightweight deployment on current server with no extra overhead.
  3. Security improvements with a firewall, malware scanner, SSL, implementation of best practices, and a move to PHP 7.
  4. Clear call to actions to improve engagement with the website.

Liz Fairweather

Project Highlights

  1. Event management for upcoming acro yoga classes and jams.
  2. Call to action sections to increase consultation bookings and newsletter sign-ups.
  3. An animated homepage to intuitively show services offered, contact info, and events.
  4. All projects include training, content strategy / support, and our suite of essentials.

Meet The Team

We’d Love To Work With You!

Our team is a progressive group of individuals spanning the globe. We actively build a culture rich with acceptance, empathy, and empowerment. Our shared mission of finding resourceful solutions for our mission-driven clients is what brings us together. We love what we do!

Sam Foust

Sam Foust




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Tech Specialist


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Liridona Arifi



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Otto Vosberg

Developer / UX Design


Transparent Pricing

We Practice Radical Transparency

We donate one pro-bono site per quarter to a nonprofit selected by clients! With our approach and a clear scope, we keep pricing simple and transparent — affording us more flexibility, efficiency, and a greater focus on project outcomes.
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