Frequently Asked

About Us

We are organized as a worker-owned cooperative. However, we have just one member-owner and are not legally structured as a cooperative. We are moving in this direction and operate in many capacities as a cooperative, focusing on consensus building, profit sharing, and community involvement.

We officially launched on July 29th, 2016! Being a young company has its advantages and disadvantages, take a look at some of our work to get a feel for the quality we provide.

It’s our mission — “To mindfully use web projects and digital strategy for the benefit of people and planet, while simplifying the tech needs and expenses of social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, NGOs, and fellow cooperatives.”

We are happy to recommend other agencies or freelancer who may be a good fit for your project!

We love that they are open source, their mission of democratizing publishing and their values of caring and giving, and for us, working from one platform keeps our scope and expertise focused. The cost is a big part as well, those who we want to help the most are organizations and entrepreneurs get the most out of this budget-friendly platform. Another popular platform is Drupal, which is made for large projects and requires high level of expertise, driving the costs up.

We are available for meetings in much of the PNW, as well as where we reside:

For flexibility, anti-oppression, and diversity. A blog series will elaborate upon this in late spring ’18. Reach out to us if you work remotely, for collaboration or just to talk about it!

In various ways, we do one pro-bono web project per web deal signed, Sean volunteers 3 hours a week when in the US, Katy spent 2 years with Americorps, and we are building funds to provide paid time for volunteer work!

Absolutely, let us know what size and type of project and we will pass along contact information for a related project.

Our Work

We bill projects flat-rate in one of three sizes, $4k, $7k, and $10k. Project management, training, and meetings with you are included and free of charge. We bill new staff training, ongoing support, and content management / creation at varying rates.

Projects are billed 50% upon kickoff and 50% at delivery, Net 15. With each project signed which is $7k+ we donate a website and content support package to a nonprofit of your choosing. If you sign a $4k deal, you are definitely welcome to recommend nonprofits for future selection.

The process of donating a project can be tricky. Please ensure the nonprofit has dedicated staff who will be ready to contribute content and be available for tasks as needed. The ideal choice is a small nonprofit who has a clear understanding of their audience segments and their organizational identity. We do accept applications from nonprofits, so we can help you select a nonprofit or choose one for you.

All of us to some degree. Sean manages all projects, Ashish and Otto work development / quality assurance, Katy guides the design process.

We encourage engagement in the process and provide a login to our project management platform Trello. Revisions are defined in the cost/contract, and made at set points in the project.

We aim to limit or remove the need for revisions by leveraging a thorough discovery process, competitive analysis, review of other designs to sync our expectations, and putting a focus on a strong preference on project outcomes over personal preferences. Design is often subjective, using statistics to measure outcomes are the key indicator of performance.

Projects are completed in tight cycles; we do pro-bono work in a one-week production cycle and main projects in an eight-week cycle. Kick-off scheduling is done upon project proposal acceptance and is typically within one week.

We do ask you for you to complete pre-kickoff work to ensure a smooth and efficient build, the time on this depends on your current content and the needs. We provide content guides before internal project kickoff and support you in this process quite a bit. This always take more time than expected, set aside 10-50 hours of your time to create the content needed, that we outline and work on together.

During the project, we request 1-3 hours of your time each of the eight weeks, to help ensure a smooth delivery and a great product.

Yes! We design mobile-first, and always pass Google mobile tests. Depending on project scope, we can make special features for them as well, to help meet goals of your visitors on mobile devices.

We empower you to work with a host and recommend Gaia Coop or Electric Embers for their mission alignment, and Siteground if you want to use cPanel or are very budget strapped. Offloading your static assets onto the cloud is also recommended if you need fast loading speeds across the globe/USA, which we can help set this up.

Hosting is a big reoccurring expense, many web agencies try to sell you on expenses packages and support deals, we do not. The above hosting can be as low as $10/mo. We prefer you set aside those funds and look for Phase II work if there is value to be captured in new work.

As for maintenance, we train you to update everything you need and offer free emergency support for life.

Absolutely, this is outlined in the contract we send over upon project acceptance.

We work in WordPress and develop with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP. We like the code editors Atom and Sublime, we sync to servers preferably with SFTP or SSH, and depending on the project we may push updates with Git or from a staging environment. We use Adobe Suite and Affinity Designer. We all use some mix of Linux, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, iOS, and Droid.

If you require different tech, get in touch and we’ll make some recommendations and provide a guide for you on properly vetting web agencies.