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Sean began creating websites in 2004 but left their digital work in 2007 to explore other interests, to spend more time in nature, and to find a healthier way of living. In 2015 they returned to tech, working operations & finance with CoLab Cooperative, and in the following year began thier own cooperative — Fresh Ink.

Sean is driven by project outcomes. Helping those who make the world a better place is their greatest driving force; to be able to see, not just visually, but statistically, the changes their work makes is a deep source of motivation.

Joyfully entering their 8th year of working with cooperatives, Sean seeks to build a sustainable, collaborative and empowering digital workspace — rooted in care, connection, and compassion.

Project Management

WordPress Implementation

User Experience

Content Strategy

Daniel is based in Olympia, WA and has a long history in non-profit and cooperative business development. Daniel began his cooperative career as a co-founder and chair for a start-up virtual food cooperative and transitioned those skills into the role of Cooperative Development Specialist with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center. In addition to this role, Daniel is the Program Manager for the Democracy at Work Network, a Peer Advisory Network that helps facilitate cooperative development throughout the U.S.

Daniel brings with him experience and expertise in non-profit development and fundraising. He has worked with several non-profits in donor relations, fundraising, and marketing to help grow start-up and well established non-profits. He spent nearly two years in West Africa working for the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation where he focused his efforts towards grant writing, fundraising, and outreach.

Daniel is passionate about leveraging technology in a way that is purposeful, accessible, and simple. Developing systems for workplace technology around project management has been a passion and focus throughout his career. He is a great resource for transitioning to G Suite and maximizing its benefits.

Cooperative Specialist

Business Development


Workplace IT

Katy served as the first In-house Graphic Designer for East End Food Cooperative in Pittsburgh, PA, where she established a cohesive look for the Register Round-up Program, board elections, in-store and outdoor signage, social media, and both printed and email blast newsletters.

Katy has several years of experience in the photography industry and has previously taught community art and social media classes. She is endlessly curious and passionate about exchanging knowledge with others and working collaboratively on cause-oriented projects.

Hailing from Western PA, Katy received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Media Arts from Edinboro University and is a 2-term AmeriCorps Alumni. When she’s not working, she can be found experimentally cooking, playing music, or hiking all over the North East.

Graphic Design

Print Design



Otto has been a web and design enthusiast for the last 10 years. He is highly skilled and proficient in several areas of the web development stack from the server side, to the client side. With a primary focus on AJAX and Web Applications, Otto is striving to make the web a more usable, and beautiful place.

With humble beginnings in Kansas and a laptop at his side, he taught himself at an early age how to program. Ever since his first website, he’s been hooked. His curiosity for all things web related has been the driving force in his self-education and career.

When Otto is not at his laptop, you can find him in the gym, cooking, or adventuring. He tries to find the brighter side of life and isn’t afraid of a good challenge.

Web Design

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Web Applications